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St Bernadette's Roman Catholic Primary School

Together we Learn. Together we Achieve. Together we grow in God's Love.

Year 3 and 4

Songs about Digestion

Here are two great songs to help you understand all about our amazing digestive system

This is The Digestion Song

This song is called 'What Goes in, must come out'

The song is under the lyrics

What Goes in, Must Come Out

Key Stage Two

Here's a music mix for you to listen to whlist you do your word searches and make your fortune teller. 

Key Stage One   

Music from Africa for you to listen to

This is an exciting piece of African drumming .

This is three songs cominbed.    

This is a beautiful song called 'Inkayezi nezazi'    There are no musical instruments - it's just men's voices.     It's a 'Call and Response' Song.  What could be happening in an African village whilst this is being sung?

Key stage 1   African Songs to Sing


Halima Pakashalo

Year 3 and 4

Here's a great song called 'Respect'

The music is underneath the lyrics.      It might remind you of 'Strictly'?

Year 5 and 6

Ukulele Backing Track .

Year 5 and 6

Here's the backing track for Life is A Wonderful Thing.  

You can perform your own version of the song and send it to me.   I'd love to hear your ideas

Year 5 and 6

Rap Backing Track

Year 5 and 6

Acoustic Song Backing Track

Key stage 1 Africa

Click on these links to discover some wonderful songs and music from Africa.

1)  This is Soulle      It's a gentle lullaby

2) Senwa Dedende is a song about a lazy vulture who loses his nest when the rains come and he can’t remember where he built it. The song comes from Ghana. There is a recording of a solo voice singing to help you get to know the melody and a video of the song performed in a ‘round’ which creates some lovely harmonies  at  

3) Kusimama means ‘Stand tall’ in Swahili.  It’s a really uplifting song.

Year 5 and 6     Life is A Wonderful Thing

Listen to the song and follow the lyrics below

I've had great fun today playing with this!  

It's called Play It!

You can  explore the different elements that make up a song, play or clap along with the music and make then listen back to your own version of songs.


Thinking of learning an instrument next year?   Take a look at this

Whistle-Stop Tour of an Orchestra.

You can cee and hear the instruments played by the musicians of the BBC Philharmonic from their own homes!

Which instrument is your favourite?


Sorry we haven't posted anything for a while but we have been really busy getting school ready for Year 1 and 6. 

This is a wonderful song called 'Higher And Higher'  

It's great to sing at the top of your voice and share with everybody around you.

Fancy an adventure on the high seas?   Join Nigel and Suki - the ship's monkey - as they set sail in search of buried treasure...and enjoy plenty of songs along the way

This is a fabulously catchy and fun song 'A Certain Kind of Imagination'. You will learn some fascinating facts about scientific and industrial developments within Greater Manchester.

Why not try to find out a little bit more about these ground-breaking innovatations and how they are still vital to our everyday lives. 

Share your discoveries with your class teacher!

This is 'The Firebird'.

A shimmering Russian fairytale which inspired the compser Igor Stravinsky to write a stunning piece of ballet music in 1909.

Are you looking for a brilliant art activity?  See how illustrator James Mayhew uses Stravinsky’s dazzling music performed by BBC NOW to inspire him to draw – watch what he does and then create your own fantastic illustration.

Why not explore on -line to see if you can find the original story?

It's Dippy the Dinosaur

Be an explorer!

This song is packed full of dinosaur facts and information.Can you find some facts?Clue....The song is divided into sections called verse and chorus. Verses tell the story and have facts hidden in them?Can you share the information you discover with your class teacher?


You can sing along too.  Just click on the link.

Dippy the Dinosaur Song    

Brass Players......... there are some new songs at the end of this powerpoint.    They are great to play.    Why not make a video and upload it onto ClassDojo?

Twenty-Four Seven Tenor Horn 

Twenty-Four Seven Baritone and Trumpets

Razzle Dazzle Tenor Horn 

Razzle Dazzle   Baritone and Trumpets

Fanfare for Fun  Tenor  Tenor Horn 

Fanfare  For Fun    Baritone and Trumpet 

FabberoonieTenor Horn 

Fabberoonie    Baritones and Trumpets

Horrible Histories             The Stone Age Song

Here's a Stone Age We Will Rock You

Living In the Stone Age 

This is a St Bernadette's  favourite.       It's 'Please Miss!'

Why not create your own version?  It could be 'Please Mum'  or 'Please Dad'  and you can complain about anything you want. Here is a backing track so you can perform your song to your family.   We'd love to hear it too!

Get your imaginary lassoo ready. ....     It's 'May Your Joy Be in My Heart .'   Yee-haa

Faith as Small as a Mustard Seed

May Your Joy Be in My Heart

Have a go at this one:    I'll Clap. clap my Hands.    It's a favourite.  

This is 'Always Making Things'    You'll know this one.

This song is called 'Together'.  We love to do in Hymn Practice.

Here's a song for Monday morning.           Count Your Blessings.

Chicken Cluck Waddle

Pineapple Punch

Swing Time Stroll

Stripy Cat Crawl

Recorder backing tracks from Razzamajazz Book 1


It's Thursday ........Here's one of our favourite songs for you today

This is Me!

Why not start your day with a song?

Your challenge is to try to get one of your family to do it with you.  Send a video. 

Calling all Key Stage 1 children........

The BBC have sent a link to a really exciting musical adventure called  ‘Alien Party on Planet Zum Zee’ with the Hallé Orchestra and featuring our very own Nell Redmond in her stage debut as the four aliens! It’s a great story particularly for our younger chidren  but you  older ones will also enjoy it.


Let me know what you think? 

Tango trumpets and Baritones

Jazzamatazz tenor horn

Looking for Music Activities to do at home?  The BBC have released some fantastic projects to get your creative juices flowing.

Have a listen to David Walliam's fantastic musical podcasts.

We'd love you to share your responses on Class Dojo.

Curtain Raiser     tenor horn

Castle March  trumpets and baritones

Mr Cool Tenor horn



Jazzamatazz trumpet and baritone

Mr Cool Trumpets and Baritones

Get the Lowdown Tenor Horn

Get the Lowdown Trumpets and Baritones


It's Wednesday and todays song is


One In A Million - Backing Track

One In A Million - Performance Track

Tuesday's Song is a school favourite which everyone loves to sing!


Build It High - Backing Track

Build It High - Performance Track

Mrs Fleming and Mrs Harrison would love you to sing one of our favourite songs.  


This song was first wrote a long time ago in 1968 but was made popular again last year by Paloma Faith.  The Lyrics, Performance Track and Backing Track are below.     

Make Your Own Kind of Music - Backing Track

Make Your Own Kind of Music - Performance Track


Our Choir currently rehearse every Monday at 3.30pm - 4.30pm.  

December 2019

The School Choir's debut performance of the school year was at the Junior Christmas Concert in December.  We also sang at Morrisons in Whitefield and for our local St Vincent de Paul Christmas mince pie and sherry afternoon.  

July 2018

The School celebrated their 50th birthday in great style in the summer of 2018.  The School Choir, The Scratch Orchestra, the Staff and Friends of St Bernadettes Choir performed songs from 50 years of music.  Music from 1960 to present day.  Here are a few clips of the show.  Hope you enjoy!

When I Grow Up - School Choir

Rhythm of Life - Friends of St Bernadettes Choir

School Scratch Orchestra - In The Hall of the Mountain King

A Million Dreams, The Greatest Showman